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Black Elm Coffee Roasting

Coffee - Exodus Dark Roast

Coffee - Exodus Dark Roast

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Our Exodus blend is our dark roast blend that we offer. This blend is the exact same green coffee as our Buen Camino, a Guatemala and a Colombia. This still gives it a nice touch of sweetness and fruity while still delivering on a full, robust flavor that is synonymous with dark roast coffees. Our Exodus is not as dark as a French roast, but is not as light as a medium roast.

We roast this coffee to 440F and is our darkest roast we offer. In fact, this is the darkest coffee our Diedrich IR-12 roasting machine has ever gone. This roast isa nice middle ground that delivers a sweet, rich, chocolatey coffee, without that burnt, smokey flavor complex that often times accompanies dark roasts.

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