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Black Elm Coffee Roasting

Coffee - Buen Camino

Coffee - Buen Camino

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Our Buen Camino is our house blend with an aim to be a familiar coffee flavor with ample sweetness for the consumer. We built it with two coffee from Central America; Guatemala Waykan and Colombia Gran Galope. With those coffees, we aimed for a medium roast to allow the coffee to shine through, but give a consistency year round with a little bit of roast flavor imparted.

We take this coffee to 420F and serves as our starting point when creating roast profiles for any of our new coffees. In the cup, Buen Camino tastes like Peanut Butter, Berries, Smooth, and Balanced. 

Our Buen Camino has a very approachable taste that is suitable for all pallets no matter your coffee drinking experience. Buen Camino has been a staple within our cafes due to its versatility and simplicity. This is a great blend that goes well with your breakfast, late afternoon pick-me-up, and evening treat.

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